Home – Before Grand Escape (Zine)


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,,Home – Before Grand Escape”

2020 First Edition 40 pages zine.

“Home – Before the Great Escape”, the titled house is a search for the idea of ​​a world in which I have never had the opportunity to live, my big dream of escaping to a place so far away looking for acceptance. I took this direction by creating my own fictional world, the imaginations of “America” ​​in Poland. The idea of ​​the world on the other side of the ocean that has always guided me has led me to reflect on my own problem that I have been struggling with for many years. Willing to escape “as far as possible from here.” This element became the annual work on searching for my dream still here in the area where I grew up and stayed for many years thinking about escaping to my dreams. Creating my own reality at the same time. The search in this direction led to the acceptance of my own person so that work on the project became much easier and allowed me to close a certain chapter in my life.

The result of one year’s work is the book entitled “Home – Before the Great Escape”

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